Tips Used in Starting Survival Fires

The situations that may compel one to be in need of survival fires might include being found in a very cold place, wet clothes that need to be dried out, as well as the need to cook something that is tasty for you among others. There are so many ways that one can put into account when thinking of starting a survival fire in such a situation. Despite the fact that fire is an essential tool when properly used, it is also very dangerous when not used in the right way, and therefore it is wise that an individual should start and use it well to avoid being a victim of its destructive way.

The first tip for beginning survival fires is gather some small twigs and some tinder like straws, tree barks, or the dry grasses. Use finger sized woods to start the fire after you have cleared the area of leaves and other types of debris that might cause the fire to accidentally spread to some areas that you did not expect. To know more, click here

Cigarette lighters are important assets that you can carry along with you because they will be of help when you decide to start the survival fire when you are out there. They are light in weight and therefore you will not strain carrying them around.

Steel wool is another material that can be used to light the fire. This is because it has small fibers that electricity from the flashlight battery that you carried with you will make the fibers glow orange making it easy for you to start the fire at that moment.

Flint and steel are other materials that save the situation in case survival fires are needed. What happens is that the flint and the steel are stroke together so that sparks are sent to the tinder. The steel might also be stroke against the rock in the event flint cannot be found and the knife can also be of great help. This method needs a lot of practice for prior preparation.

The final tip is to use the friction method using the fire bow method. It makes use of the shoe lace to make a bow and a piece of wood for the drilling purpose as well as the fire board. It sounds easy but needs a lot of practice with an expert to take you through the steps.

Amidst the numerous methods available to start a survival fire, one should pick one method, study it and practice before trying it out. Here's how to make waterproof matches. 

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